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For Trash Like You!

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(psst.. nobody here is racist, sexist, homophobic, or any of that shit. don't take anything here too seriously.)
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This community is new. It's pretty crappy, all of the members are trolls. Oh well, bite me. Feel free to update this place with shit that was too stupid to make it into your real Livejournal, anything will do. Here are some ideas..

POP- Anything related to pop culture. Bad mouth celebrities. Post a nude of your favourite celebrity. Write a movie review. Talk about how much The Strokes new cd is gonna suck. Post gossip or photos. Tell us the story about that time Bijou Phillips gave you an STD. What the fuck ever. Just make sure it is interesting and be funny in the post, don't bore us.
TRASH- Talk some shit, right here. Have a coworker you hate? Tell us about it. Your neighbour keeps fucking your wife? Here is the place to vent. Want to make fun of somebody on Livejournal? As long as it is not me, go right ahead. Wait! It'd be awesome if it was me, I just remembered how much I love the attention. Starting flame-wars here is extra credit. Got an e-friend who used to send you tit shots & want to seek revenge, because she no longer does? Post those shots here, as long is she is legal, we'd love to see! TRASH is the most important part of this community, help make this place trashy!
KICKS- A feeling of pleasurable stimulation. Know how to get high off of household cleaning products? Tell us which products work the best! Got a new vibrator that has done wonders for your boyfriend-less self? Tell us where to get it. Found something funny on the WWW? Post that shit right here, we all love to laugh! Anything that will make us smile is worth posting, so do it. We encourage photo posts!

F.A.Q. (Fucking Annoying Questions)

1. What kind of sick people would create something like this?
That, along with what we do, is secret!

2. This community fucking sucks!
Uhm, that wasn't a question, cunt.

3. Who do I email to bitch about how much this community sucks?
Thaaaat's better. You can email the "sick" people who created this place:


Date Created: July 14th, 2005
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P.S. Put all nudity behind a NSFW (NotSafeForWork) cut, otherwise the fuckers who have jobs will bitch! & people please take note, we are not responsible for what is behind any LJ cut, click at your own risk!!! Nobody really "moderates" this place right now, so always expect the worst.
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